How Does Being Quirky Come Into the Sessions?

 I didn’t have any awareness of having psychic gifts until after my brain surgeries ten years ago. After two years of very strange things happening, I finally thought to consult somebody that I knew was up on paranormal and psychic subjects and put the pieces together.  Once I knew I wasn’t going crazy (although nonbelievers would beg to differ on that), I dove into building and honing my skills, taking to it like a duck takes to water.
When I got to the point I could start receiving messages from my spiritual team, they knew that feeding me anything dry and boring would make me shut them down, so they’ve always made things interesting for me. They would give me corny analogies as I was doing intense personal work, and that was enough to keep me going since it was entertaining.
When I was given the Angelic Adjustments healing method, corny analogies were part of it.  Since then, I’ve been given the Child in the Shadows and Freedom of Release healing methods also, and each of them allow for some humor to be inserted when necessary, my team knowing that inserting humor into even the most challenging circumstances can help us get through easier.  Quirky humor takes a bit of the weight off when people are moving through work that is not easy, a bit like allowing some steam out of a pressure cooker.
I wouldn’t have my healing sessions go any other way, but I’m aware that it’s not for everyone.  If you want a healer that is serious throughout and who uses mind-boggling fancy words that you may or may not resonate with, I’m not going to be your choice and shouldn’t be.  But if you want a healer who is raw and real, I’m your person. 🙂